The first Red Ball

If you are the type of player who wants to play for relaxation, you will surely like the Red Ball 1. It is an adventure puzzle skill game where you will simply make the ball roll and jump and overcome an obstacle or two in each level. You will not need to think so hard even resorting to researches or asking help.

Red Ball 1 is like a Tutorial stage. You will be taught of the controls of the game. You will simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the cute Red Ball. You will also be introduced to some kinds of obstacles like the poisonous spikes and the dangerous axe. You will need to avoid such obstacles as you roll and jump your way to the end of each level. Be attentive too for you will be directed what you should do in specific situations. It is tantamount to solving problems.


Your main goal in Red Ball 1 is to finish each level or to reach the end of every level which has a big red flag. There are seventeen levels in Red Ball 1. Each level will test your intelligence and wittiness. And every level is different from the others. The first few levels will be very easy. However, as you level up, you will find that levels are getting more complicated. Not to worry though. There are checkpoints along your way which is represented by small red flags. Run through them and make the flags go up so the game will take note of your progress. In case you die or fall off, you will be brought to the last checkpoint you have passed.

Some higher levels may seem impossible to surpass. Do not be dismayed, they are challenging enough but not impossibly hard. To attest to that, you can look for videos of players who had finished the game and wanted to share how they did it. Nevertheless, you are still encouraged to finish the game all by yourself without any kind of help from anybody. Play Red Ball 1 and learn a lot of techniques and ways.

Stick games

Do you like stickman games? Do you enjoy playing point and click escape games where you will think hard to solve a problem or a case? Then you must play the game fleeing the complex plimpi. Challenge yourself in helping the stickman get out of prison. It may seem impossible but it is possible if only you have what it takes.

The game fleeing the complex plimpi is the fifth sequel to the Henry Stickmin game series. The stickman had escaped prison, stolen the diamond, infiltrated the airship and now, he is to flee from the Wall. You play as the stick figure who was imprisoned in a highly secured prison called the Wall. The said prison is heavily guarded by strong stick soldiers. Your goal in this sequel is to escape from the most ruthless prison. You will be given a set of actions to choose from on every leg of your attempt to escape. Be careful which one to choose. One mistake will end the game. Most of the choices do not work at all. But worry free, there is no limit as to time and number of choices to make.


The game fleeing the complex plimpi is a funny game. And just like the other Henry Sickmin games, most of the actions you will be presented with will not make sense at all for your escape. You do not need to treat this game too seriously like a puzzle to be solved. Playing the game is actually for fun and to see the stickman’s hilarious actions as he tries to escape.

The game fleeing the complex plimpi should be played with sounds for your full enjoyment of the comical stickman. Sadly, there is no alternative for players who do not want to play with sounds, or for those who have sounds or hearing problems. Aside from being a funny and silly game, it is totally free to play.

Duck Life 4 free

If you like animal racing, Duck Life game series is the best online game for you. In the fourth chapter, duck life 4, you are going to train your duckling back to the traditional way. Prove to yourself that you are patient enough in training your pets.

The story started when a farmer lost everything in his farm because of the devastating tornado. There’s nothing left but a duck egg. When the egg hatched, the farmer thought of training the duckling in different skills. He wants that ducking to join the famous duck races in their place. So, he trained the duckling to be good in swimming, running and flying. When his duckling joined and won the race, the farmer’s hard work paid off. While enjoying the moment of being a champion, he continued to join tournaments in Duck Life 2. This time, he needs to include the climbing skills in their training.

In Duck Life 3, the farmer found a way to genetically modified duck eggs so that when those eggs hatched, the ducking has a unique skill than other ducklings. However, even the tournament was successful involving genetically modified ducklings, the judges still decided to ban them. After a year though, one fire duck reigned and awaits any challenges in racing.


In duck life 4, you are going to train your duckling in one skill at a time. In the first map, the Grassland, you will be training your duckling’s running skills. There is a trainer who will help you in your training activities. That training will help you develop your duckling’s endurance, speed and reactions. You will notice a duckling with an explanation point symbol on his head; you can challenge that duckling in a race. If you win, you get fifty bucks and he will give you an invitation to join the tournament. Another challenge for you is that, the fire duck only accepts challengers with at least level 10 in the skill of running.

If you see the windmill in duck life 4, that is the tournament room. There, you can choose different ducks to use in every race. Try to win to unlock the next map and train your duckling with a new skill. You can also buy more eggs in the shop.

Complete all Acts and Challenges in Vex 3

The Vex game series is one of the most successful skill games you will see online. If you want to feel your adrenaline rush up a bit, play this game totally for free. No need to pay for anything and no account creation needed at all. You can start up with the first Vex game. There are eight Acts to go through in addition to the Tutorial Stage and the Credit Stage. When you are done, play the second Vex and get through nine Acts. And as you play in Vex 2, additional challenge is imbedded. That is, to complete all thirty Achievements.


When you finish both Vex 1 and Vex 2, you can have a lot more adventure in the third installment, Vex 3. This installment was made with more levels, more deadly obstacles and traps and more sophisticated graphics. There are now ten Acts you can enjoy to venture as you look for the exit door of each Act. In addition to these Acts, nine Challenge stages were also added. Run, jump, slide and swim as you look for the end of the Act. Some acts have twists before you can go out like the exit door is locked and you need to find the key first. The Tutorial Stage, like in the first and second Vex, is still the beginning of the game. It is where you get to familiarize with the control keys used in the game. You will also get a glimpse of what the game would be.

The Stage Builder had been greatly improved. Unlike in Vex 1 and Vex 2 where you need to unlock building packs by playing the pre-developed game first, the Stage Builder mode in Vex 3 has been completed with the builder tool. You can jump right into it and construct your very own stages. You can play and share your own creations with friends and even send it to the game developers.

The Achievements room of Vex 2 had been replaced by the Trophies room in Vex 3. There are forty trophies for you to collect. These trophies are subdivided into four classes: the Standard Acts trophies, the Awesome Stuff trophies, the Hard Core Trophies and the Completion Trophies. Enjoy more information at

Play earn to die 4

“If you love playing zombie games, you will surely love the Earn to Die game series. It is about escaping from the zombies and driving towards a safe haven. In the first Earn to Die, all upgrades were available as long as you have the cash. But you will notice that one wheel upgrade was missing, the super wheel. In Earn to Die 4, it has finally been found.

Once again enjoy playing the original game but this time, with improvements and complete upgrades. You are one of the survivors. You have seen that in a not so far away place, a helicopter is waiting. The only car you can afford for the moment is the hatchback. Your goal is to drive your way and reach the place where the helicopter is.


As you drive, you will be meeting zombies along your way which will try to stop you. Drive over them to kill them. Every drive is equal to a day. At the end of the day, upgrade your vehicle. You can upgrade you vehicle’s fuel, boost, wheels, engines, transmissions and weapon. Your vehicle’s performance will improve as you upgrade. The farther your vehicle’s distance reach, and the number of zombies killed, determine your score and earned cash.

As in the previous versions of Earn to Die, there are three vehicles to be used in the whole game. These vehicles are the small hatchback, the old good pickup and the cool heavy truck. The upgrades you made in the prior vehicle do not apply to the other vehicles. To reach your goal, you have no choice but to buy the cool heavy truck and fully upgrade it. Upgrading the small hatchback and the old good pickup is not necessary. Even buying the old good pickup is also not compulsory. However, it will take you too long if you will not upgrade them or you will not buy the old good pickup.

The Earn to Die game series is an addicting racing game. Playing Earn To Die 4 is like playing the first Earn to Die, only improved and better. You can play all game versions for free at

Handle the slippery jelly in Japanese Jello Game

Each nation existing in this world has their own identity in terms of culture, language and food. Let us focus on food. Almost every one of us are food lovers and experimentation comes within. One good example is Japanese Jello which is a famous dessert in Japanese Cuisine. Do you know that there is a game inspired by this sweet food? The game is called Japanese Jello Game. This game is created by Shauns Flights and has been giving great entertainment to gamers around the world since 2007.


Your mission in this game is to control the spoon and whack the jello in line. Make sure that you are quick enough because the jellos are slimy and slippery which means they are hard to control. It is normal that you experience difficulty because it is indeed a tough game. You must be able to show great timing and whacking to be successful in this game.

Revenge a sniper’s family in Sniper Assassin 3

Shawn is still after Mr. Johnson, a leader of a drug syndicate, and now he is back, fueled with more anger in Sniper Assassin 3. Help Shawn avenge his wife after a Mr. Johnson killed her. Prepare your eagle eyes and stead hands for more agents and enemies in Sniper Assassin 3. Test out your sight and wits, blow up heads and watch as they bleed to death. Will you be able to find Mr. J and avenge Shawn’s wife or will you be sniped by his men before you can reach him?

You play as Shawn, a sniper, a really good one. Now he is on the hunt on who murdered his wife. You are being helped by one of the agents, Ben, who will brief you before each mission and will give you leads about the target. You will only be using the mouse for the controls. Move it to maneuver to find the target and click on the left button to fire your weapon. The weapons you will be using is not upgradable, but it automatically changes depending on the job you are doing. Not all the time the target is exposed, think of a way to draw him out and use the objects in the environment to get a clear shot. There are also missions in Sniper Assassin 3 wherein you will interrogate an agent for information on the whereabouts of Mr. J. There is no background music in missions, but there is a beat that plays after you finish or fail a mission.

Although the characters on the game are stickman figures and the environment is drawn in black and white, except for the blood, the storyline is really good, and it will keep you wanting more. If you haven’t played the sniper assassin series then you must start now, and in Sniper Assassin 3 is also included in a must-play list. Visit to play the game.

Sniper Assassin 3 (4)

Help find the culprits in Wheely 7

Wheely is a cute little red car you loves fun and adventure. After the successes of the first six episodes of the Wheely game series, here comes another sequel, Wheel 7: Detective. In this game, Wheely will play as a detective who is after the identities of the band of bad cars who robbed the bank and stole money including his. It is now your job to help him solve the case.

There are fifteen levels to go through. Each level offers various obstacles which you must triumph over. And as you level up, you can expect more complicated problems and harder impediments which will require greater thinking. Make sure to get three stars in all levels by finding a hidden tire somewhere and a miniature Wheely in every level. As you play, you will find clues to the identities of the bad cars. Find out more in


Crush the zombies in Earn to Die World

One of the greatest series in the gaming world now is the one called Earn to Die World. There are three reasons why it is one of the greatest. First is because of the incorporation of zombies which are thrilling, exciting and entertaining. Second is because of the incorporation of vehicles that are refreshing and attractive. Last is because of the survival instinct that one has to keep in mind when playing this game because the setting of this game is post-zombie apocalypse.


The goal or objective of the players in each edition belonging in this great series is to crush zombies using different vehicles provided and available in each game. You can upgrade your vehicle with different supporting weapons if you are able to achieve great amount of money and scores. Earn to Die 1 to Earn to Die 8 are the editions included in Earn to Die World.

Shooting bubbles is a must in Woobies

Do you have any idea what Woobies is? If you are clueless about it, then you can rely on this article or content that you are in at the moment. Woobies is a bubble shooter game that offers cute and childish features which will be loved by kids and even adults. If you will notice, there are growing number of bubble shooting games due to the great demand of many people for child-friendly games or the ones that are appropriate for young kids. Woobies is a perfect example because it is easy to play and possesses appealing or pleasing features and graphics.

Woobies (2)

The objective of the players is to shoot woobies and create a group of three or more color coordinated woobies to clear out the platform and eventually save the babies before the ambos smash them into pieces. It is a matter of timing and presence of mind to successfully accomplish your mission. You can always visit its main website if you are wanting to have a good time.