Daily Archives: March 10, 2015

Gain the Quality of Time Management- Feed Them All game

Well, there are several games that help you in time management. Here we have got such a game for you- “Feed Them All game”.
It is a “tower defense” game with a twist. There you will find hungry monsters coming to eat your sheep. In Feed Them All game you have to save your sheep, there is only one way to stop them is to throw meat pieces in front of them whenever you don’t feed them with the meat piece they will eat your sheep. Now, your task is to protect your sheep by feeding them with the piece of meat. As the level increases the speed of the hungry monsters also increases so, you have to manage the time according to the speed of the hungry monsters. Now the second thing that is most beneficial for you, is that if you will overfeed the hungry monsters, that explodes them and you will gain some extra money that’s hidden in their entrails.
Moreover you can also choose your choice of meat, there are 5 types of meat you can buy, each meat has different effect on the monsters.