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Kingdom Rush 4 : The King who protects

Do you want more Kingdom Rush games? Well, you got it! The creators of the game bring you the newest installment to this ever popular game. Kingdom Rush 4 is now here to bring you more action and fun than you’ve had in ages! This time, you are no longer just a mighty warrior. You are now a noble king in this game and you’re task is to protect your kingdom from the threat- the nearby kingdom. Develop your country and your army so that you can defeat all of the enemies that will dare to threaten your domain.
Use your strategy skill for this super fun and challenging game. Be the best king you can be and prove that your kingdom is strong. Play Kingdom Rush 4 now!

Kingdom rush 4

Hit that pinata in Pinata Hunter 2

Have you ever smashed a piñata when you attended a party as child? Did you enjoy it? Well, if you did, then Piñata Hunter 2 is definitely the game for you! Smash the piñata and collect all the candies that are dropping out of it. The more candies you collect, the more items and upgrade you can buy! There are plenty of weapons to choose from. From a simple bat to a more complex and powerful light saber, you will sure the piñata better. There are also more achievements to unlock in the game so be sure to pay well so you can unlock all of them. If you’re ready to play, click the link provided:

Hit the piñata harder and collect plenty of candies. What are you waiting for? Get that arm ready to destroy the piñata. Play now and have fun with this super fun and exciting game.

Pinata Hunter 2

Shoot the Orcs in Forest Fight

Armor Games created another amazing game and named it Forest Fight. You will find tons of orcs while playing this game. You are lucky, as you have unlimited arrows and a bow. Use those arrows to kill your enemies as many as possible to win the game and make sure to use minimum arrows to avoid being forced to be barred handed. The instructions are easy to follow, just use your mouse to aim and then shoot the orcs coming towards you.
Have an eye at the time while playing, and make sure to finish them as soon as possible before the time ends. A fixed number of Orcs can be defeated in each area. The game can be completed and achieved within two minutes if you get some experience, and you will face no difficulty. Very easy game to play.

forest fight