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Help the Bride in Bridal Beauty Makeover

Here is another makeup game that will get young girls and women young at heart addicted. The bride needs help with her makeup and gown in Bridal Beauty Makeover. Wedding day is a very important day for a woman. And every woman wants to be the most beautiful bride ever. Therefore, in this game, you have the chance to give the bride a makeover to help her be the most beautiful bride. You have to clean and wash her face and put creams to remove blemishes, then you can start putting on the makeup. You can even choose her bridal gown and fix her hair.
You should introduce this game to your little girls because they will surely love it. It is easy to play, as you can use your mouse to control this game. Just click on the arrow that tells you what to do next. Start playing and treat this bride with beauty makeover!

Bridal Beauty Makeover

Drive the car in Coaster Racer 2

Do you have any experience of playing the most enjoyable series Coaster Racer? If you have played its first part called Coaster Racer 1, then get ready to have the another part which is the 2nd sequel of this series named Coaster Racer 2. It is a very popular racing game, developed and launched by Longanimals.
In this version, a player will need to participate in a thrilling and exhilarating race, so a bike or a car would be driven by him to win this amazing race game. You are not alone in this game, more than 15 racers are there to compete with you and you all have to drive your cars over the insane, unbalanced, and badly made tracks. A lot of fun is waiting for you to enjoy, so give it a try today and show the driving skills.

Coaster Racer 2

Upgrade you car Earn to Die 2014

May you remember that a super wheel was lost when the zombie apocalypse was occurring. Anyways, find that wheel in this game Earn to Die 2014, and fight against the dangerous enemies that are coming to kill you and you family and all who live in your city. In this version, the goal is same as you have experienced in the earlier releases.
So reach the helicopter driving the vehicles but make sure to avoid running out of your fuel and being stuck. If you have some money or you have earned some cash during the level achievements, don’t forget to purchase the car. Three cars can be found to buy spending your hard earned cash. Every car needs some upgradation to move further. The upgrades of the car are necessary because if the car and its upgrades are cheap you will have some weakness.

Earn to Die 2014

Action games at its finest with Strike Force Heroes 3

Super fun action games will always hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Boy, girl, young, teen, adult or old, action games will always make our heart beat faster with excitement. Another game is here to make the excitement tenfold. Strike Force Heroes is a game series that will definitely be in your must-play list. But wait, there’s more. The third installment to the game series is now here to offer you more fun and surprises. There are new weapons, new adventures and more action to make your adrenaline levels soar. To know more about this awesome game, visit their website.
Don’t let busy days stop you from embarking on a new adventure. Strike Heroes 3 will surely give you the adventure you are craving for. Visit their website now and feel the fun!

Strike Force Heroes 3

Shoot them dragons again in dragon slayers 2

Do you miss that dragon slaying hobby of yours? Well, don’t worry anymore because you can now be a dragon slayer once again! Your favorite game is back in Dragon Slayer 2. With more fun and exciting levels, you can now use your skills to eliminate all the dragons threatening the kingdom. Be sure to hit each dragon before your crew finishes its journey to collect food. Also don’t allow a dragon to come near the castle. It will attack and do its best to drain the health of the castle. The controls of the game are still easy. Just use the arrow to aim and shoot.

Dragon Slayer 2 still proves to be a challenge to every person’s aiming skills. Are you up to the challenge? Well the, play now and be the best dragon slayer.

Dragon Slayers 2