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Help the Bride in Bridal Beauty Makeover

Here is another makeup game that will get young girls and women young at heart addicted. The bride needs help with her makeup and gown in Bridal Beauty Makeover. Wedding day is a very important day for a woman. And every woman wants to be the most beautiful bride ever. Therefore, in this game, you have the chance to give the bride a makeover to help her be the most beautiful bride. You have to clean and wash her face and put creams to remove blemishes, then you can start putting on the makeup. You can even choose her bridal gown and fix her hair.
You should introduce this game to your little girls because they will surely love it. It is easy to play, as you can use your mouse to control this game. Just click on the arrow that tells you what to do next. Start playing and treat this bride with beauty makeover!

Bridal Beauty Makeover