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Protect your base in Shield Defense

Are you familiar with a shield? There are many symbols the word “shield” can mean. It can be a protective coating or material or it can mean a deeper thought like a hero of the family, community and a country. Do you know the importance of a shield? First, it protects someone or something. Second, it repels force going on its way. Third, it symbolizes strength and resistance. There is a game which is about shield and it is called Shield Defense. To know what how this game work, continue scrolling and scanning.
The game Shield Defense is about protecting your base. As a player, you will be assigned to a specific base and all you have to do is to use the shield and protect the base from bullets and other weapons used by the opponents. There is a shield called sticky shield where all the bullets stick to it and you can use it as an offensive medium where it fires back the bullet to the opponents. Use the mouse to move the shield in different directions. Shield Defense is a simple but very challenging game that gamers will surely love.

Shield Defense

Create your own teddy bear in Teddy Textile

Kids are the usual targets of game creators because they are the ones who are easy to please and satisfy as well as the ones who are also easy to change their minds regarding what they like but they are the main target market. Kids and teenagers always look for cuteness and if it is what they are looking for, Teddy Textile is the one. The game is very simple and it is all about cuteness and fun. There will be a teddy bear that will guide you in creating your own teddy. You will have to choose the shape and texture where the outline will be made. Then you have to cut and stitch it out.
Follow additional steps and make some final changes, you will then have your own teddy bear in Teddy Textile flash game. This will surely give children and teenagers a chance to create cute and lovable toys as well as a gaming experience, which is all about cuteness.

teddy textile

Complete the maze in Scary Maze 5

Are you fascinated with games that involve a maze? Are you looking forward to an exciting twist with it? If you are on a positive note, you are on the right article because this is about Scary Maze 5. This game involves different types of maze and a thrilling, exciting, and shocking twist. A player who wants to experience this game must have good concentration, patience and a firmed relax hand in order to finish the game.
In addition, you shouldn’t be faint-hearted because there’s a surprise within or at the end of every level. Scary Maze 5 offers new types of mazes, which get tinier and narrower as the game progresses, which makes it hard for the players to overcome in just one try. The aim is to guide the dot towards the finish line or area without touching the walls because if one does, he or she will have to go back to level one, which wastes the progress in the game. Be aware and prepared at the start, middle and end of the game because something creepy or shocking will appear. Do not click here if you don’t want to be scared.

Scary Maze Game 5

Shoot the target in Bowman 2

Do you like archery? Are you a fan of shooting things with deadly accuracy? If you said yest to both questions, then you’re in luck because the game for you is here to rock your world. In the second installment of the very fun shooting game series, Bowman 2 will bring more challenge and adventure to your life. Packed with plenty of levels for you to show your archery skills, Bowman 2 will definitely make your days enjoyable. The controls of the game is very basic, but to play the game better, be sure to read the tutorial first. The game is so fun so try now.
What are you waiting for? Practice your shooting skills now in this very awesome game. Bowman 2 will surely not disappoint your archer side.

Bowman 2