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I Love Traffic: Try Not To Cause An Accident!

I Love Traffic is a game where you act as a traffic light! This is something you have never experienced! You need to manage the traffic well or you will cause an accident. You are at the intersection and cars are moving very fast from all directions. You have to click the green or the red light in order to manage the traffic and help cars go through the intersection safely. This game requires you to be quick. If you don’t press the red light in the right time, cars will crash and you will lose.
It requires your full concentration and that makes it very challenging. At the beginning you will have just one intersection to manage, but later it will get even harder. There are many levels and when you pass each one of them you will get a medal. With more practice you will improve your skills.

I love traffic (1)

A completely new crashing game in Earn to Die 2014

Earn to Die flash game series has been very successful because of three things. One is because of the involvement of zombie apocalypse which is trending nowadays. Second is because of the presence of different vehicles like trucks and cars. This series continues to offer new editions to avid followers with the release of Earn To Die 2014. This new edition means harder, tougher and crazier crashing adventure as well as improved graphic design.
In this edition, the missing super wheel from the previous edition has been found. There is still the same objective which is to survive the zombie apocalypse by crashing zombies as many as you can but the new thing here is that your ultimate goal is to reach the place where a helicopter is located which you can use to escape and survive the apocalypse. It is 3000 feet from where you are so be quick and ready for crashing. Visit for more familiarization.


Roll the sphere in Hyper Sphere Game

Are you familiar with Hyper Sphere Game? Do you know what is this all about? This is an example of a unique flash game. It is a puzzle/ maze game with a twist. But before that, there are three reasons why a puzzle/ maze game is a hit among players around the world. First is because it challenges one mind in accomplishing the maze and puzzle. Second is because of the great graphic designs they have. Last is because they develop and improve the logical and strategical thinking of a player that makes it a worthy flash game. Going back to Hyper Sphere, this game will surely excite and challenge players at the same time.
The goal of the player is to roll the sphere in the maze successfully. But doing such task is not an easy one because besides the difficult pattern of the maze, there are bots that are trying to ruin your game and are running after you. With this event, you have to be very fast and precise in rolling the sphere so that the bots will not reach you at any point.


Return Man 2: Lead You Hero To Victory

Football lovers get ready for the incredible experience in the Return man 2. This version has even more improvements and features. You are aiming to get to the yellow circle, catch the ball and run to the end. This gets quite difficult with some defenders and kickers that try to make playing this game challenging. You need to be very skillful, because if they manage to knock you down, you loose points. Interesting thin about this game is that controls are very easy and suitable for all ages, while on the other hand the game itself is quite challenging and not so easy as it seems.
There are fifteen stages and they include a certain number of levels within, and you need to past them all to open next levels. Every level has a different number of stages. If you are a football fan, try out this game at .