Daily Archives: July 19, 2015

Roll the sphere in Hyper Sphere Game

Are you familiar with Hyper Sphere Game? Do you know what is this all about? This is an example of a unique flash game. It is a puzzle/ maze game with a twist. But before that, there are three reasons why a puzzle/ maze game is a hit among players around the world. First is because it challenges one mind in accomplishing the maze and puzzle. Second is because of the great graphic designs they have. Last is because they develop and improve the logical and strategical thinking of a player that makes it a worthy flash game. Going back to Hyper Sphere, this game will surely excite and challenge players at the same time.
The goal of the player is to roll the sphere in the maze successfully. But doing such task is not an easy one because besides the difficult pattern of the maze, there are bots that are trying to ruin your game and are running after you. With this event, you have to be very fast and precise in rolling the sphere so that the bots will not reach you at any point.