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It’s Geography time with 50 States V2

There are three factors that can justify the greatness of educational games. First reason is it enables one to learn something by playing a game, which is a multipurpose flash game. Second reason is it enables one to have new ideas and perspective of a particular subject or topic. Third reason is it enables one to exercise critical and logical thinking which are integral in everyday living.


There are different subjects that all of us have studied or still studying now. If there were one subject that enables one to be familiar with location and places, it would be Geography. There is a flash game existing that tackles Geography and it is called 50 States V2. The goal in this game is very simple which is to put or match the 50 states according to their proper places. You will be given a puzzle like situation where you have to correctly match the states to earn high score. The good thing about this game is that you will be improving your sense of direction and location as well as memory. If you want to enhance your memory, this is the game to play.

Survive Run Ninja Run 3

One addicting game online today is the Run Ninja Run 3. It is an action arcade game where you deal from trouble keepers to level up. It attracts kids for its Ninja plot and the simplicity of playing it. In this adventure game, the Ninja is very easy to control. He walks through and attack enemies in his way. The Ninja can walk, jump, slide and throw smoke bombs. He also has a shield which you can use in defense. He has to attack his enemy at the right timing. And in case you get killed or hit a disturbance, you will have to start from the first.
The interface of the game is user-friendly. It includes upgrades, achievements, runs and even cheats. Your aim is not only to escape the enemy but also to get the coins to increase your life. Playing this adventurous game is enjoyable.


Create your own stuffed toy in Teddy Textile

Most children love stuffed toys like Teddy Bears. There are three reasons why this toy is a hit among children and even young at hearts. One is because it is cuddly and loveable. Second is because it is easy to play with. Last is because it can be a good companion when you feel alone or have no one to talk to.
Game creators have been able to pick up the potential of teddy bears as main characters in flash games. One good example is the game called Teddy Textile. In this cute and enjoyable game, the player will be given the chance to create his or her own stuffed toy. He or she will be given options on what pattern to create, what fabric to use and what style to incorporate. The good thing about this game is that one can unleash his or her potential in designing and stitching in a virtual way. As long as you are creative or even have a simple idea in mind, you will surely enjoy this game.



Action of Hambo 2!!

Guys, the famous Hambo flash game is back with its latest version Hambo 2!! Again the plot is about shooting but it is providing some new weapons, new features and many other facilities. This addicting fun game has quality graphics and great sound effects. Just enjoy and show your skills!
Your goal is to shoot the enemy. You will be in a particular position and your enemy will be in his position. Through using your mouse you have to shoot them. Remember, you need to click the mouse in a tricky way so you can aim the enemy. Otherwise you may die by your own bullet or your aim might be failed. Moreover, you cannot go out of ammo. The timing will be there, in a certain time you need to shoot and kill. If you perform well then you will get good score.

Hambo 2 (2)