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Solve the Puzzle in Escape the Room 3

Escape the Room 3 is the third offering of Andrew Gibson’s Escape the Room game series. This game is one of those simple looking puzzle games yet makes you want to play it and will eventually like it.

In the game, you are Anthony, the boy who got stuck in the room. Anthony is a virtual character and you cannot see him. Other players who have already played this game wonder why Anthony was stuck in that room in the first place because it is not mentioned in the start of the game. However, once you start the game, the game teasing begins and you forget about it and becomes engrossed in solving the puzzle. Some players find it very hard and challenging to solve the puzzle but others just find it very easy. If you think you can help Anthony in Escape the Room 3, then you better play this game and try it for yourself.


Evolve your duckling in Duck Life 3: Evolution

If you have seen and played the first series of Duck Life, you will surely love the third. In Duck Life 3: Evolution, you bought the duck egg from the farmer who invented genetically modified ducks. There are four eggs to choose from, each has its own strength and weaknesses.

Duck Life 3 (1)

You will train the duckling to be a champion in the racing world. Just like in the prequels, you will train it in the skills of running, swimming, and flying, and in this sequel, also in climbing. Start joining the race and unlock the next stages of the race by winning. Always feed your duck to gain energy, the super seed, although more pricey than the regular one, greatly increase the energy level. Duck Life 3: Evolution is another addicting racing game. Play Duck Life 3: Evolution and prove to yourself you can make the duckling a champion here…..

Bash the boulders and save the city ion Boulder Basher 1

Another amazing rescue game comes with Boulder Basher 2. Save the village and the villagers from the boulders thrown by the rock throwing giants. All you got to do is just use your mouse and draw protective shields so that the boulder bounces back and kill the giants or gets diverted to somewhere else.


The shields are temporary as they disappear quickly so you need to draw them at right time on the right place. The more monsters you kill the more points you score. With the increase in level, the number of monsters throwing the boulders also increases. You can submit your scores to set your rank in the leader boards at the end of each level. This part of the game makes it competitive for the kids as they will score to rule the score boards. Kids will love this game and it’s a good time pass.

Be the best tank in Awesome Tanks 2

Are you familiar with a tank? Do you have any idea what is this for? Actually, there are different tanks and their varied purposes. There are called water tanks used for storing water. There are also called oil tank where oil are stored and processed. War tanks have different use from the previous mentioned examples because these are used during war. There is a game that incorporated this tank and it is entitled Awesome Tanks 2. To know more details about it, continue reading this whole content.


The player’s mission in this game is to play as a tank and must defeat and eliminate other tanks in the platform using different weapons available or can be found on the playing field. This is a game about strategy and tactics as well as quickness and efficiency. You can try that game out online or by visiting its main website. Search for it now and be the best tank you can be.