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Evolve your duckling in Duck Life 3: Evolution

If you have seen and played the first series of Duck Life, you will surely love the third. In Duck Life 3: Evolution, you bought the duck egg from the farmer who invented genetically modified ducks. There are four eggs to choose from, each has its own strength and weaknesses.

Duck Life 3 (1)

You will train the duckling to be a champion in the racing world. Just like in the prequels, you will train it in the skills of running, swimming, and flying, and in this sequel, also in climbing. Start joining the race and unlock the next stages of the race by winning. Always feed your duck to gain energy, the super seed, although more pricey than the regular one, greatly increase the energy level. Duck Life 3: Evolution is another addicting racing game. Play Duck Life 3: Evolution and prove to yourself you can make the duckling a champion here…..