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Get to your location in one piece with Earn To Die 2012 Part 1

One of the most popular game series existing at the moment is Earn To Die. It has come up with an edition which has three parts. It is called Earn To Die 2012. Since zombies are getting more popularity more than ever, game creators are able to find ways to incorporate them in flash games like Earn To Die 2012 part 1. Obviously, this game is part of a series because you will notice the word “”part 1″” which means that there will be part two and more. By simply scanning and skimming in this article, you will basically learn things about this special edition.


The setting of this thrilling and exciting flash game is on a desert which is being lurked by brain-eating and scary zombies. The player will have to play the role of a driver who has the responsibility to deliver a package in a safe zone. But doing this is not an easy task because there are hordes of zombies lurking. To eliminate them, the player can use three vehicles to smash and crush these creatures. At the beginning, the player will be given a simple sports car then a truck and a school bus which are available by upgrading the first vehicle.Its main or official website is called

Destroy the enemies in Turbo Tanks

Why are there wars around the world? There are many reasons why this event occurs. First is because of misunderstanding. A small miscommunication and misinterpretation between individuals, groups or nation eventually leads to serious problems if these are not calmly and peacefully patched or stitched. Second reason is because of one’s belief to rebellious act in sending a message throughout the world. As we all know, peaceful communication is still the best way or solution. Another reason is because of resources. Natural environment where nations get their resources can become a conflict if one is greedy. As we all know, greediness is one of the mortal sins. It is fine if you want a war if it is through a virtual medium like the flash game called Turbo Wars.


The story in this game is that the human soldiers and their masters are trying to destroy your territory. You will be given bouncing cannonballs and turbo tanks which you have to utilize and maximize to defeat and destroy all the enemies as much as possible. There are 12 levels that you can enjoy if you search for it online.