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Can you go Jail Break 2 game

Jail Break 2 game is an action-packed strategy computer game. Some teens do escape from their parents so they can go to the nearest internet café and some bad students escaped from their classes only to play computer games, do you think you can still escape from a heavily guarded jail? Browse this site and do all the strategies you know to escape without being caught. You will surely enjoy this game.


Conversations of the roving guards will also entertain you. Make your move to escape while listening to them. Be careful in moving out of the jail. Make sure not to touch any of the walls so you would not get stuck to it. Watch out for the flash light of the jail guards, that is the reach of their eyesight. This is very easy to play, just use arrow keys to move and make a honeyed escape from the jail.

Remove the blux of Super Blux

If you enjoy playing puzzle games, Super Blux is your game. In this fun skill game, your goal is to remove the number of blux as stated in your mission in each level or better said, remove all blux. To remove blux, you simply put the same colors together. Take note that you can only slide blux left or right and never up.

Super Blux

A magnet will pull a blux up if you place another blux on top of the switch. As you level up, there are obstacles that either you avoid because it will destroy your blux or use for your benefit. Laser, water and acid will destroy your blux. If you drop a blux on a bomb, it will explode along with the surrounding blux. You can no longer remove a blux put on top of a glu box. Crates are useful to block laser beams. Simply use your mouse to slid blux.

Take your side in Sea of Fire

Try to use your strategies and techniques in playing Sea of Fire flash game. It is a war game that needs careful planning and strategy. You will choose which side you are on, with the New Hope Alliance or with the Temple of Snake. New Hope is a well-organized society which seeks to end civil strife while the Temple of Snakes is somewhat a quasi-religion that aims to build its own world order. After choosing your side, you will start to build your defenses and units.


When built, your units will try to reach the enemy base to attack and destroy. And if there are enemy units along the way, your units will also attack them thereby defending your base at the same time. Sea of Fire is a challenging strategy war game. You can choose the mode of your war among easy, medium or hard before you start the game.