Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

Can you go Jail Break 2 game

Jail Break 2 game is an action-packed strategy computer game. Some teens do escape from their parents so they can go to the nearest internet café and some bad students escaped from their classes only to play computer games, do you think you can still escape from a heavily guarded jail? Browse this site and do all the strategies you know to escape without being caught. You will surely enjoy this game.


Conversations of the roving guards will also entertain you. Make your move to escape while listening to them. Be careful in moving out of the jail. Make sure not to touch any of the walls so you would not get stuck to it. Watch out for the flash light of the jail guards, that is the reach of their eyesight. This is very easy to play, just use arrow keys to move and make a honeyed escape from the jail.