Daily Archives: April 9, 2016

Shoot all incoming enemies in Duty Hill 2

Would you like to pretend to be a soldier who has a duty to defend a cause? In Duty Hill 2, you will defend the supply box from enemy attacks. Shoot and kill all the enemy units attacking you and aspiring to destroy the supply box. Collect as many bonuses as you can when you kill enemy units.

onuses includes health, armor and money. When you earn enough cash, you can buy additional defenses such as Gun Turret, Flame Turret and Rocket Turret. As you level up though, these additional defenses increase in price and quality. You can put up as many turrets as you can buy. It is a must to defend the supply box for when enemy units damage it, the game will be over. Duty Hill 2 is an action-packed fast-paced game. You will surely enjoy the rush of adrenaline this game will bring you.