Daily Archives: April 14, 2016

Dress up your pet in Pet Fashion Contest

Are you a pet lover? Do like dogs? Imagine making them models or contestants in a fashion show. Put that into a reality in Pet Fashion Contest game. It is an animal dress up game. There are two puppies to dress up so you can play the game alone or with a friend.

Pet Fashion Contest (1)

Pet Fashion Contest (5)

Give the puppies a name each then chose a shirt for the first puppy. You can put accessories such as wig, shoes, scarf, collar and hair accessory. When you are done, click next button. Do the same or let your friend do the same for the second puppy. When you or your friend is done, click Show button and wait for the score for each puppy. Pet Fashion Contest is a fun and easy game which even kids will love. It is also nice for bonding between friends or families.