Daily Archives: May 22, 2016

Play Challenge Mode in Earn to Die Super Wheel

After series of plowing and smashing zombies, the super wheel, which was missing in the first Earn to Die edition, has now been found. That makes the wheel upgrade complete. Just like in its prequels, you are to smash hordes of zombies to earn cash. You will use the cash to upgrade your vehicle for better performance and reach farther distances. When you have earned enough, buy the next better vehicle. It is a lot stronger than a fully upgraded Hatchback.

You may opt not to upgrade your vehicle and save cash instead until you have enough for the final vehicle but it is inevitable to buy the next two vehicles one at a time. Only the third and final vehicle has the capability to run until the goal line. An added feature in this sequel is the Challenge Mode. However, you have to finish the Story Mode to unlock that mode. You can play this game for free by clicking this link.