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Shooting bubbles is a must in Woobies

Do you have any idea what Woobies is? If you are clueless about it, then you can rely on this article or content that you are in at the moment. Woobies is a bubble shooter game that offers cute and childish features which will be loved by kids and even adults. If you will notice, there are growing number of bubble shooting games due to the great demand of many people for child-friendly games or the ones that are appropriate for young kids. Woobies is a perfect example because it is easy to play and possesses appealing or pleasing features and graphics.

Woobies (2)

The objective of the players is to shoot woobies and create a group of three or more color coordinated woobies to clear out the platform and eventually save the babies before the ambos smash them into pieces. It is a matter of timing and presence of mind to successfully accomplish your mission. You can always visit its main website if you are wanting to have a good time.