Daily Archives: June 28, 2016

Help find the culprits in Wheely 7

Wheely is a cute little red car you loves fun and adventure. After the successes of the first six episodes of the Wheely game series, here comes another sequel, Wheel 7: Detective. In this game, Wheely will play as a detective who is after the identities of the band of bad cars who robbed the bank and stole money including his. It is now your job to help him solve the case.

There are fifteen levels to go through. Each level offers various obstacles which you must triumph over. And as you level up, you can expect more complicated problems and harder impediments which will require greater thinking. Make sure to get three stars in all levels by finding a hidden tire somewhere and a miniature Wheely in every level. As you play, you will find clues to the identities of the bad cars. Find out more in www.wheely7.com.