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Revenge a sniper’s family in Sniper Assassin 3

Shawn is still after Mr. Johnson, a leader of a drug syndicate, and now he is back, fueled with more anger in Sniper Assassin 3. Help Shawn avenge his wife after a Mr. Johnson killed her. Prepare your eagle eyes and stead hands for more agents and enemies in Sniper Assassin 3. Test out your sight and wits, blow up heads and watch as they bleed to death. Will you be able to find Mr. J and avenge Shawn’s wife or will you be sniped by his men before you can reach him?

You play as Shawn, a sniper, a really good one. Now he is on the hunt on who murdered his wife. You are being helped by one of the agents, Ben, who will brief you before each mission and will give you leads about the target. You will only be using the mouse for the controls. Move it to maneuver to find the target and click on the left button to fire your weapon. The weapons you will be using is not upgradable, but it automatically changes depending on the job you are doing. Not all the time the target is exposed, think of a way to draw him out and use the objects in the environment to get a clear shot. There are also missions in Sniper Assassin 3 wherein you will interrogate an agent for information on the whereabouts of Mr. J. There is no background music in missions, but there is a beat that plays after you finish or fail a mission.

Although the characters on the game are stickman figures and the environment is drawn in black and white, except for the blood, the storyline is really good, and it will keep you wanting more. If you haven’t played the sniper assassin series then you must start now, and in Sniper Assassin 3 is also included in a must-play list. Visit to play the game.

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