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Handle the slippery jelly in Japanese Jello Game

Each nation existing in this world has their own identity in terms of culture, language and food. Let us focus on food. Almost every one of us are food lovers and experimentation comes within. One good example is Japanese Jello which is a famous dessert in Japanese Cuisine. Do you know that there is a game inspired by this sweet food? The game is called Japanese Jello Game. This game is created by Shauns Flights and has been giving great entertainment to gamers around the world since 2007.


Your mission in this game is to control the spoon and whack the jello in line. Make sure that you are quick enough because the jellos are slimy and slippery which means they are hard to control. It is normal that you experience difficulty because it is indeed a tough game. You must be able to show great timing and whacking to be successful in this game.