Daily Archives: October 15, 2016

Play earn to die 4

“If you love playing zombie games, you will surely love the Earn to Die game series. It is about escaping from the zombies and driving towards a safe haven. In the first Earn to Die, all upgrades were available as long as you have the cash. But you will notice that one wheel upgrade was missing, the super wheel. In Earn to Die 4, it has finally been found.

Once again enjoy playing the original game but this time, with improvements and complete upgrades. You are one of the survivors. You have seen that in a not so far away place, a helicopter is waiting. The only car you can afford for the moment is the hatchback. Your goal is to drive your way and reach the place where the helicopter is.


As you drive, you will be meeting zombies along your way which will try to stop you. Drive over them to kill them. Every drive is equal to a day. At the end of the day, upgrade your vehicle. You can upgrade you vehicle’s fuel, boost, wheels, engines, transmissions and weapon. Your vehicle’s performance will improve as you upgrade. The farther your vehicle’s distance reach, and the number of zombies killed, determine your score and earned cash.

As in the previous versions of Earn to Die, there are three vehicles to be used in the whole game. These vehicles are the small hatchback, the old good pickup and the cool heavy truck. The upgrades you made in the prior vehicle do not apply to the other vehicles. To reach your goal, you have no choice but to buy the cool heavy truck and fully upgrade it. Upgrading the small hatchback and the old good pickup is not necessary. Even buying the old good pickup is also not compulsory. However, it will take you too long if you will not upgrade them or you will not buy the old good pickup.

The Earn to Die game series is an addicting racing game. Playing Earn To Die 4 is like playing the first Earn to Die, only improved and better. You can play all game versions for free at www.earntodie4.org.