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Complete all Acts and Challenges in Vex 3

The Vex game series is one of the most successful skill games you will see online. If you want to feel your adrenaline rush up a bit, play this game totally for free. No need to pay for anything and no account creation needed at all. You can start up with the first Vex game. There are eight Acts to go through in addition to the Tutorial Stage and the Credit Stage. When you are done, play the second Vex and get through nine Acts. And as you play in Vex 2, additional challenge is imbedded. That is, to complete all thirty Achievements.


When you finish both Vex 1 and Vex 2, you can have a lot more adventure in the third installment, Vex 3. This installment was made with more levels, more deadly obstacles and traps and more sophisticated graphics. There are now ten Acts you can enjoy to venture as you look for the exit door of each Act. In addition to these Acts, nine Challenge stages were also added. Run, jump, slide and swim as you look for the end of the Act. Some acts have twists before you can go out like the exit door is locked and you need to find the key first. The Tutorial Stage, like in the first and second Vex, is still the beginning of the game. It is where you get to familiarize with the control keys used in the game. You will also get a glimpse of what the game would be.

The Stage Builder had been greatly improved. Unlike in Vex 1 and Vex 2 where you need to unlock building packs by playing the pre-developed game first, the Stage Builder mode in Vex 3 has been completed with the builder tool. You can jump right into it and construct your very own stages. You can play and share your own creations with friends and even send it to the game developers.

The Achievements room of Vex 2 had been replaced by the Trophies room in Vex 3. There are forty trophies for you to collect. These trophies are subdivided into four classes: the Standard Acts trophies, the Awesome Stuff trophies, the Hard Core Trophies and the Completion Trophies. Enjoy more information at