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Duck Life 4 free

If you like animal racing, Duck Life game series is the best online game for you. In the fourth chapter, duck life 4, you are going to train your duckling back to the traditional way. Prove to yourself that you are patient enough in training your pets.

The story started when a farmer lost everything in his farm because of the devastating tornado. There’s nothing left but a duck egg. When the egg hatched, the farmer thought of training the duckling in different skills. He wants that ducking to join the famous duck races in their place. So, he trained the duckling to be good in swimming, running and flying. When his duckling joined and won the race, the farmer’s hard work paid off. While enjoying the moment of being a champion, he continued to join tournaments in Duck Life 2. This time, he needs to include the climbing skills in their training.

In Duck Life 3, the farmer found a way to genetically modified duck eggs so that when those eggs hatched, the ducking has a unique skill than other ducklings. However, even the tournament was successful involving genetically modified ducklings, the judges still decided to ban them. After a year though, one fire duck reigned and awaits any challenges in racing.


In duck life 4, you are going to train your duckling in one skill at a time. In the first map, the Grassland, you will be training your duckling’s running skills. There is a trainer who will help you in your training activities. That training will help you develop your duckling’s endurance, speed and reactions. You will notice a duckling with an explanation point symbol on his head; you can challenge that duckling in a race. If you win, you get fifty bucks and he will give you an invitation to join the tournament. Another challenge for you is that, the fire duck only accepts challengers with at least level 10 in the skill of running.

If you see the windmill in duck life 4, that is the tournament room. There, you can choose different ducks to use in every race. Try to win to unlock the next map and train your duckling with a new skill. You can also buy more eggs in the shop.