Daily Archives: December 28, 2016

Stick games

Do you like stickman games? Do you enjoy playing point and click escape games where you will think hard to solve a problem or a case? Then you must play the game fleeing the complex plimpi. Challenge yourself in helping the stickman get out of prison. It may seem impossible but it is possible if only you have what it takes.

The game fleeing the complex plimpi is the fifth sequel to the Henry Stickmin game series. The stickman had escaped prison, stolen the diamond, infiltrated the airship and now, he is to flee from the Wall. You play as the stick figure who was imprisoned in a highly secured prison called the Wall. The said prison is heavily guarded by strong stick soldiers. Your goal in this sequel is to escape from the most ruthless prison. You will be given a set of actions to choose from on every leg of your attempt to escape. Be careful which one to choose. One mistake will end the game. Most of the choices do not work at all. But worry free, there is no limit as to time and number of choices to make.


The game fleeing the complex plimpi is a funny game. And just like the other Henry Sickmin games, most of the actions you will be presented with will not make sense at all for your escape. You do not need to treat this game too seriously like a puzzle to be solved. Playing the game is actually for fun and to see the stickman’s hilarious actions as he tries to escape.

The game fleeing the complex plimpi should be played with sounds for your full enjoyment of the comical stickman. Sadly, there is no alternative for players who do not want to play with sounds, or for those who have sounds or hearing problems. Aside from being a funny and silly game, it is totally free to play.