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The first Red Ball

If you are the type of player who wants to play for relaxation, you will surely like the Red Ball 1. It is an adventure puzzle skill game where you will simply make the ball roll and jump and overcome an obstacle or two in each level. You will not need to think so hard even resorting to researches or asking help.

Red Ball 1 is like a Tutorial stage. You will be taught of the controls of the game. You will simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the cute Red Ball. You will also be introduced to some kinds of obstacles like the poisonous spikes and the dangerous axe. You will need to avoid such obstacles as you roll and jump your way to the end of each level. Be attentive too for you will be directed what you should do in specific situations. It is tantamount to solving problems.


Your main goal in Red Ball 1 is to finish each level or to reach the end of every level which has a big red flag. There are seventeen levels in Red Ball 1. Each level will test your intelligence and wittiness. And every level is different from the others. The first few levels will be very easy. However, as you level up, you will find that levels are getting more complicated. Not to worry though. There are checkpoints along your way which is represented by small red flags. Run through them and make the flags go up so the game will take note of your progress. In case you die or fall off, you will be brought to the last checkpoint you have passed.

Some higher levels may seem impossible to surpass. Do not be dismayed, they are challenging enough but not impossibly hard. To attest to that, you can look for videos of players who had finished the game and wanted to share how they did it. Nevertheless, you are still encouraged to finish the game all by yourself without any kind of help from anybody. Play Red Ball 1 and learn a lot of techniques and ways.