A completely new crashing game in Earn to Die 2014

Earn to Die flash game series has been very successful because of three things. One is because of the involvement of zombie apocalypse which is trending nowadays. Second is because of the presence of different vehicles like trucks and cars. This series continues to offer new editions to avid followers with the release of Earn To Die 2014. This new edition means harder, tougher and crazier crashing adventure as well as improved graphic design.
In this edition, the missing super wheel from the previous edition has been found. There is still the same objective which is to survive the zombie apocalypse by crashing zombies as many as you can but the new thing here is that your ultimate goal is to reach the place where a helicopter is located which you can use to escape and survive the apocalypse. It is 3000 feet from where you are so be quick and ready for crashing. Visit www.earntodie2014.org for more familiarization.


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