Diwata Dress Up: For Fashion Lovers!

This is a perfect game for girls who like to dress up! Your objective in Diwata Dress Up is to put some clothes on your character and make her look wonderful. You will choose from a variety of shirts, t-shirts, blouses, skirts and hats. There will also be some very beautiful shoes, boots, sneakers and slippers. And you will love bags and purses of all sizes and shapes and colors.

You will also see some other accessories that you will love! Then there are some amazing necklaces and earrings to make your girl look elegant and astonishing. So pick a casual look or elegant, or whatever you wish. It is completely up to you! But that isn’t all! You can also pick the perfect haircut for your character so she can be all ready for going out. So which one is your favorite style? Show your fashion skills and enjoy this great game!


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