Drive the car in Coaster Racer 2

Do you have any experience of playing the most enjoyable series Coaster Racer? If you have played its first part called Coaster Racer 1, then get ready to have the another part which is the 2nd sequel of this series named Coaster Racer 2. It is a very popular racing game, developed and launched by Longanimals.
In this version, a player will need to participate in a thrilling and exhilarating race, so a bike or a car would be driven by him to win this amazing race game. You are not alone in this game, more than 15 racers are there to compete with you and you all have to drive your cars over the insane, unbalanced, and badly made tracks. A lot of fun is waiting for you to enjoy, so give it a try today and show the driving skills.

Coaster Racer 2

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