Hit that pinata in Pinata Hunter 2

Have you ever smashed a piñata when you attended a party as child? Did you enjoy it? Well, if you did, then Piñata Hunter 2 is definitely the game for you! Smash the piñata and collect all the candies that are dropping out of it. The more candies you collect, the more items and upgrade you can buy! There are plenty of weapons to choose from. From a simple bat to a more complex and powerful light saber, you will sure the piñata better. There are also more achievements to unlock in the game so be sure to pay well so you can unlock all of them. If you’re ready to play, click the link provided: http://www.pinatahunter3.com/pinata-hunter-2

Hit the piñata harder and collect plenty of candies. What are you waiting for? Get that arm ready to destroy the piñata. Play now and have fun with this super fun and exciting game.

Pinata Hunter 2

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