Play Challenge Mode in Earn to Die Super Wheel

After series of plowing and smashing zombies, the super wheel, which was missing in the first Earn to Die edition, has now been found. That makes the wheel upgrade complete. Just like in its prequels, you are to smash hordes of zombies to earn cash. You will use the cash to upgrade your vehicle for better performance and reach farther distances. When you have earned enough, buy the next better vehicle. It is a lot stronger than a fully upgraded Hatchback.

You may opt not to upgrade your vehicle and save cash instead until you have enough for the final vehicle but it is inevitable to buy the next two vehicles one at a time. Only the third and final vehicle has the capability to run until the goal line. An added feature in this sequel is the Challenge Mode. However, you have to finish the Story Mode to unlock that mode. You can play this game for free by clicking this link.


Explore the big apple in NY Cab Drive

New York City is a very busy city; crowded not only by people but also by vehicles. Test your driving skills in the game NY Cab Drive. You will be driving your cab around the city. Do not worry, you will not get lost as long as you can follow instructions. Just follow the arrows which will serve as your guide going to your destinations. To control your cab, use the arrow keys on your keyboard for directions and space bar for brake.

And just like in actual driving, crashing and bumping will cause damage to your cab. Each level has a goal which you will find on the upper middle of your screen. Each level also has limited time to reach your goal. Try to finish each level with high score and three stars. You will also find the meter of damage and countdown timer at the bottom part of the screen.


Dress up your pet in Pet Fashion Contest

Are you a pet lover? Do like dogs? Imagine making them models or contestants in a fashion show. Put that into a reality in Pet Fashion Contest game. It is an animal dress up game. There are two puppies to dress up so you can play the game alone or with a friend.

Pet Fashion Contest (1)

Pet Fashion Contest (5)

Give the puppies a name each then chose a shirt for the first puppy. You can put accessories such as wig, shoes, scarf, collar and hair accessory. When you are done, click next button. Do the same or let your friend do the same for the second puppy. When you or your friend is done, click Show button and wait for the score for each puppy. Pet Fashion Contest is a fun and easy game which even kids will love. It is also nice for bonding between friends or families.

Shoot all incoming enemies in Duty Hill 2

Would you like to pretend to be a soldier who has a duty to defend a cause? In Duty Hill 2, you will defend the supply box from enemy attacks. Shoot and kill all the enemy units attacking you and aspiring to destroy the supply box. Collect as many bonuses as you can when you kill enemy units.

onuses includes health, armor and money. When you earn enough cash, you can buy additional defenses such as Gun Turret, Flame Turret and Rocket Turret. As you level up though, these additional defenses increase in price and quality. You can put up as many turrets as you can buy. It is a must to defend the supply box for when enemy units damage it, the game will be over. Duty Hill 2 is an action-packed fast-paced game. You will surely enjoy the rush of adrenaline this game will bring you.


Launch the dummy in Dummy Never Fails

Are you familiar with a dummy? This is the object or figure that serves as a representation of a person in medical education as well as in certain movies and television. There are two advantages of a dummy. First is the fact that it acts like the testing medium for future doctors whenever they are doing injection and ivy. Second is the fact that it serves as double whenever there are scenes on a movie that is very dangerous for a real person to perform. DO you know that there is a flash game that incorporates dummy too? Yes, there is! The name of the game is Dummy Never Fails.

dummy never fails

Your mission as the player of this game is to simply launch the dummy on the cannon and shoot your necessary target in the least possible shot and time. Make sure that you will be able to shoot efficiently and properly to save some shots and gain more scores.

Challenge your strategic skills in Strike Force Heroes

There are different jobs existing at the moment. There are noble ones that standout. One of them is being a soldier. As we all know, being in the military is not an easy thing to do. One will undergo rigorous training, lesson and field activities to be prepared on the real life battle. That is why we are all very thankful for their service and we are hoping for their safety and the rest of the world. If you have aspirations of being a soldier but don’t have the guts to make it through, you can practice by playing the virtual medium called Strike Force Heroes. You can play this at

Your goal or objective in this game is to eliminate all your opponents or enemies in the field without being damaged at all. You will be given certain weapons at the start which you can upgrade as you progress in the game. Make sure that you are fast or quick enough to shoot your opponents before they get you on your back.


Save the kingdom in Mario Star Scarmble 2

If you lived during the Family Computer age, you will surely know Super Mario Bros. Mario, and even his brother Luigi, is one of the most famous game character in the eighties. Now you can play with Mario again in the online game Super Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island. It is based on the Super Mario Bros. of the family computer, only with added levels, secrets and enemies.

Mario Star Scarmble 2 (5)

Once again enjoy jumping and running collecting coins and shine sprites while avoiding the enemies. And with the same ultimate goal, you have to defeat Bowser and save the kingdom of Mushroom. Explore and discover all the secrets in Mario’s journey to get to Bowser. Super Mario Star Scarmble 2 is an action and adventure game. Even those born beyond the family computer age will have fun playing it. It is another addicting game brought to you by

Save the day in Penguin Diner 3

A lot of dash games are out in the gaming world. And if you are a fan of rush games, one quality game you will enjoy is the Penguin Diner game series. In the third installment of this game, help Penny once again in her venture to the restaurant business. You must serve customers exceptionally and earn money which will be used to improve the restaurant in all aspects.


There is a goal income at the start of the day which must be earned before the time for the restaurant’s closing at the end of the day. Upgrade everything you can in the restaurant which will definitely be beneficial for the business. Upgrading tables and chairs will make the customers more relaxed. Upgrading your shoes will make you faster. Upgrading the chef will make him more efficient. Penguin Diner 3 is an exciting and challenging dash game.

Can you go Jail Break 2 game

Jail Break 2 game is an action-packed strategy computer game. Some teens do escape from their parents so they can go to the nearest internet café and some bad students escaped from their classes only to play computer games, do you think you can still escape from a heavily guarded jail? Browse this site and do all the strategies you know to escape without being caught. You will surely enjoy this game.


Conversations of the roving guards will also entertain you. Make your move to escape while listening to them. Be careful in moving out of the jail. Make sure not to touch any of the walls so you would not get stuck to it. Watch out for the flash light of the jail guards, that is the reach of their eyesight. This is very easy to play, just use arrow keys to move and make a honeyed escape from the jail.

Remove the blux of Super Blux

If you enjoy playing puzzle games, Super Blux is your game. In this fun skill game, your goal is to remove the number of blux as stated in your mission in each level or better said, remove all blux. To remove blux, you simply put the same colors together. Take note that you can only slide blux left or right and never up.

Super Blux

A magnet will pull a blux up if you place another blux on top of the switch. As you level up, there are obstacles that either you avoid because it will destroy your blux or use for your benefit. Laser, water and acid will destroy your blux. If you drop a blux on a bomb, it will explode along with the surrounding blux. You can no longer remove a blux put on top of a glu box. Crates are useful to block laser beams. Simply use your mouse to slid blux.