Take your side in Sea of Fire

Try to use your strategies and techniques in playing Sea of Fire flash game. It is a war game that needs careful planning and strategy. You will choose which side you are on, with the New Hope Alliance or with the Temple of Snake. New Hope is a well-organized society which seeks to end civil strife while the Temple of Snakes is somewhat a quasi-religion that aims to build its own world order. After choosing your side, you will start to build your defenses and units.


When built, your units will try to reach the enemy base to attack and destroy. And if there are enemy units along the way, your units will also attack them thereby defending your base at the same time. Sea of Fire is a challenging strategy war game. You can choose the mode of your war among easy, medium or hard before you start the game.

Get to your location in one piece with Earn To Die 2012 Part 1

One of the most popular game series existing at the moment is Earn To Die. It has come up with an edition which has three parts. It is called Earn To Die 2012. Since zombies are getting more popularity more than ever, game creators are able to find ways to incorporate them in flash games like Earn To Die 2012 part 1. Obviously, this game is part of a series because you will notice the word “”part 1″” which means that there will be part two and more. By simply scanning and skimming in this article, you will basically learn things about this special edition.


The setting of this thrilling and exciting flash game is on a desert which is being lurked by brain-eating and scary zombies. The player will have to play the role of a driver who has the responsibility to deliver a package in a safe zone. But doing this is not an easy task because there are hordes of zombies lurking. To eliminate them, the player can use three vehicles to smash and crush these creatures. At the beginning, the player will be given a simple sports car then a truck and a school bus which are available by upgrading the first vehicle.Its main or official website is called www.earntodie5.net/earn-to-die-2012-part-1.

Destroy the enemies in Turbo Tanks

Why are there wars around the world? There are many reasons why this event occurs. First is because of misunderstanding. A small miscommunication and misinterpretation between individuals, groups or nation eventually leads to serious problems if these are not calmly and peacefully patched or stitched. Second reason is because of one’s belief to rebellious act in sending a message throughout the world. As we all know, peaceful communication is still the best way or solution. Another reason is because of resources. Natural environment where nations get their resources can become a conflict if one is greedy. As we all know, greediness is one of the mortal sins. It is fine if you want a war if it is through a virtual medium like the flash game called Turbo Wars.


The story in this game is that the human soldiers and their masters are trying to destroy your territory. You will be given bouncing cannonballs and turbo tanks which you have to utilize and maximize to defeat and destroy all the enemies as much as possible. There are 12 levels that you can enjoy if you search for it online.

Keep the ball up in Slime Volleyball

If you love playing volleyball, you’d probably love Slime Volleyball. It is an on line game that can be played against your friend or against the opponents in the computer. In a one player game mode, you are the one on the left side. In this volleyball game, you can enjoy touching the ball as many as you wish. Remember your goal, to bring and land the ball in your opponent’s courtside.


That will give you a point. You can also win a point even you are not the ball server. While playing, you will discover some effective moves and strategies to make it harder for your opponent to hit the ball back on your courtside. The first one to get six points wins the game. Just use arrow keys to jump and to move left and right. This is another fun and entertaining game for everyone. Enjoy the game.

Play and Enjoy Hidden Object Games Free Online

Do you have a sharp eye for details? Then how about we put them to test in games all about finding hidden objects? If you think you can pull though all the challenges then play this game and learn more about these games. You’ll love the various choices of games that you can play online for absolutely free.

In the site, the games vary from simple to complex ones so the players can choose what type they want to indulge in first. Hidden object games are ideal for the laid back type of players who wants to play and enjoy good old mind stimulating games. Whether you are stuck in bore dome or just looking for something to put your hands and mind into, hidden objects games are great to achieve it. You only need your mouse to click but your eyes and your brain will do most of the job for you.

rooms of memory (4)

Need for Speed in 5 Miles 2 Go

After a long and tiring day at work or at school, distress yourself by playing a cool racing flash game named 5 Miles 2 Go. This game is a good game to play especially for car racing enthusiast who loves to speed their way to victory.

5 Miles 2 Go (1)

Since it is a racing game, the main goal of the game is to finish the 5 mile race ahead from other racing cars on the road. There will be a total of five cars, including yours, that will race in the distance of 5 miles. Finishing first or earlier than the rest will give you a high score that will be shown in your stats after each completed race. The average stat after 5 completed race will then be auto submitted to the greatest drivers list of players who have completed the game. Do your best in each race and see your name on top of the list.

Control traffic in I Love Traffic

Have you ever been stuck in a dreadful traffic? Wish there is a way you can do something about it? Then try playing the I love Traffic game. This unique game about traffic by Armor Games is one in where you get to call when the red and green lights are on. Your duty is to make sure you control traffic very well so that no one will get hurt from cars crashing into one another especially because the traffic lights that you will control are in a crossroad.

It may sound easy but wait until you find out that you are given a time limit to clear a particular number of cars to complete the level. Each level gets more and more difficult and challenging as you progress into the game. Try this game with family or friends and you may never look at traffic management the same way again.

I love traffic

Aim and Shoot in Bowman 2

Archery is the art, sport or skill in using a bow and an arrow to hit a certain target. It an ancient skill that is originally used for hunting but is now considered a sport played as part of a collective sport competition. It is indeed a very interesting sport that most of us may want to try but doesn’t really have an access to a bow and an arrow to do so. But nevertheless, we can now at least try to experience this said sport in a flash game called Bowman 2.


Bownman 2 is the sequel of the game series Bowman which allows you to practice the art of archery to aim against opponents and ultimately beat them. With a little use of physics when aiming, this game sure can spark that competitive side of you. Learn the basics of the game on http://www.bowman3.com/bowman-2.

Diwata Dress Up: For Fashion Lovers!

This is a perfect game for girls who like to dress up! Your objective in Diwata Dress Up is to put some clothes on your character and make her look wonderful. You will choose from a variety of shirts, t-shirts, blouses, skirts and hats. There will also be some very beautiful shoes, boots, sneakers and slippers. And you will love bags and purses of all sizes and shapes and colors.

You will also see some other accessories that you will love! Then there are some amazing necklaces and earrings to make your girl look elegant and astonishing. So pick a casual look or elegant, or whatever you wish. It is completely up to you! But that isn’t all! You can also pick the perfect haircut for your character so she can be all ready for going out. So which one is your favorite style? Show your fashion skills and enjoy this great game!


Unstoppably spread yourself in Pandemic 4

Are you ready to be the enemy? Try to be one in Pandemic 4. It can be played alone or with other players. You may play it with family or friends or simply with other players online. Your aim is to spread a biological virus all over the world. Upgrade the virus to make it a deadly disease to kill as many as possible or better yet, to extinguish the human race. Improve the characteristics of your virus as to lethality, infectivity and drug resistance to make it stronger. But humans are intelligent creatures, they will find and develop a cure against you and make their citizens immune.


Pandemic 4 is a strategy game. It is the virus’ evolution, spread and fatal infection on human race. The challenge is to analyze how to spread the virus unstoppably. The virus can spread via modes of travel. You can play the game either in realistic mode or in relaxed mode.