Protect your base in Shield Defense

Are you familiar with a shield? There are many symbols the word “shield” can mean. It can be a protective coating or material or it can mean a deeper thought like a hero of the family, community and a country. Do you know the importance of a shield? First, it protects someone or something. Second, it repels force going on its way. Third, it symbolizes strength and resistance. There is a game which is about shield and it is called Shield Defense. To know what how this game work, continue scrolling and scanning.
The game Shield Defense is about protecting your base. As a player, you will be assigned to a specific base and all you have to do is to use the shield and protect the base from bullets and other weapons used by the opponents. There is a shield called sticky shield where all the bullets stick to it and you can use it as an offensive medium where it fires back the bullet to the opponents. Use the mouse to move the shield in different directions. Shield Defense is a simple but very challenging game that gamers will surely love.

Shield Defense

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