Unstoppably spread yourself in Pandemic 4

Are you ready to be the enemy? Try to be one in Pandemic 4. It can be played alone or with other players. You may play it with family or friends or simply with other players online. Your aim is to spread a biological virus all over the world. Upgrade the virus to make it a deadly disease to kill as many as possible or better yet, to extinguish the human race. Improve the characteristics of your virus as to lethality, infectivity and drug resistance to make it stronger. But humans are intelligent creatures, they will find and develop a cure against you and make their citizens immune.


Pandemic 4 is a strategy game. It is the virus’ evolution, spread and fatal infection on human race. The challenge is to analyze how to spread the virus unstoppably. The virus can spread via modes of travel. You can play the game either in realistic mode or in relaxed mode.

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